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 Originally Posted on 23th November 2013

Hello I just received my wig yesterday. After wait about 3weeks. Wohooo the wig arrived so fast, the estimation time arrived is about 4weeks. And this time I really want to thanks JNE, even I use the REG service, but it only took less than 24 hours from the online shop located in Semarang, usually it takes 2 days -__-
Okay, let's start the review!
This time is from Ywailisi brand or Alice : http://ywailisi.taobao.com
I heard so many good opinion about this brand.
this how wig looks on the website
I bought a fashion wig, I really like that purple color. Besides it also mixed with Black color. You know what I really want to try wig with Black color but I'm really scared, LOL. Imagine that black hair is from corpse *well it's only my imagination*. When I see this wig, immediately I ordered this.

How wig looks in real, under natural lighthing on daylight.
Oh my god, I swear this is the most smooth wig I ever bought. It's really not tangle at all, but when I tried to comb it with my finger, there is so much fall out *cry*. The thickness is medium.  Price is not pricey enough, with this quality I'm willing to pay more. The bangs is so thick.
At first, I think the wigcap is small. But no, I'm wrong it's fits my head really well. I'm really love this wig  ^◡^

RATE :  ♥♥♥♥♥

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9 komentar

  1. Hihih lucuuu wignyaahh :D kok ga ada foto kamu nya pas pake wig XD berapaan ini?

    I'm following you, mind to follow me back? :)
    Thankies sweetie ♥

    1. udah di tambahin fotonya.

      udah di follow back juga blognya

      thankyou :D ♥

  2. maybe you could consider gkyouko taobao to order ombre/harajuku-ish wig. The colors are really nice, omg :O
    and the quality is really great too! :D


    1. Yeah I'm planning to buy wig from kyouko brand this february ;D

      Thankyou for drop by ♥

  3. Thats a really pretty wig, i love the purple streaks ^_^
    Following you now, hope you will do the same~


  4. ih lucuuu ada ungu2nyaaaa.. mau coba pesen wig jg ah :D


    1. ayo coba beli wig aja, biar ga ngerusak rambut XDD

  5. ungunya lucu bgt (>.<)
    pengen warna biru..


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