[REVIEW] Taiwan Handmade Eyelashes A-17

Next monday will be my first day as university student in 4th semester. So tomorrow will be my last day of holiday. Even I got 1 month of holiday, in reality I only have less than 1 week of holiday. As usual I'm busy with some events, meetings, and also part time job.

 I'm not a pro with eyelashes. I need minimum 2minutes to stick it with my eyelids.
This time I will review a handmade eyelashes from Taiwan. I bought it with price only for 4$, yeah it was on discount. Coming with simple box and contains 10 pairs of same eyelashes. 
The pair I picked was A-17 : Upper lashes with more volume in outer with black band.
 The black band is so long. You need to trim it before use.
 Sometimes I feel a bit itchy in the outer black band part after I trim it.

What I like :
The thickness is normal. This made my eyes look longer. 1 pair of this falsies can be re-use many times,  I think it depends on how you wear and clean it. I love how this eyelashes make a winged effect on my eyes.

Dislike :
Hard to clean. Sometimes made my eyelids itchy. Not included glue



  1. Oh wow your eyes are so pretty with these falsies on!
    And omg i have the same issue as well haha it takes me like 5 minutes to put falsies on, i'm terrible at it ;P



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