Do you ever watched that film before?
It's Kimi Ni Todoke (君に届け), released 25th Sept 2010
The main roles also same with this Dorama in this post, Mikako Tabe and Haruma Miura. 
I'm sure even if you never heard that name before but you feel similiar with their face, right?

Now they are also playing in the same tv dorama.

 Boku No Ita Jikan (僕のいた時間) is a tv drama aired from 8th January 2014- 19 March 2014 every 10 PM in Fuji TV and have 11 episodes. Until now I've watched 9 episodes, still 2 more left to watch (when make this post the 10 episode already aired).

Haruma Miura acted as Takuto
Mikako Tabe acted as Megumi

The story starts when both of them in the middle of interview, suddenly Megumi's phone ringing but Takuto acknowledge that it's his phone that rang to the interviewer. Both of them don't know they are in the same university until a few days later they meet.  A few months later (sorry I'm not really remember) after they graduate they still accidently often meet and they start to dating.

Someday Takuto feels something weird about his body. Until time passes, he checked to the doctor and he is suffering ALS (actually Takuto make a research many times by checking use internet and any forums, he went to doctor only to make sure).

After know he is suffering that disease he broke up with Megumi. Even megumi still love him, but she accepts his decission. After that Megumi dating with other man. That man is Shige, Takuto senior in university.

And how about Takuto? He is still alive and work just like any other people. He is still work even he's hard to operate a computer and he is already wear a wheelchair.



Enough with the spoiler
Wanna know more about this dorama? You can watch by streaming on any streaming sites or download it at d-addicts.


I like this dorama so much. 
Even at first you might think is just like One Litre of Tears but this is different.

They are suitable for being together. Mikako Tabe still looks so cute and young, seems like she doesn't grow up while Haruma Miura looks so mature.

Other cast I also like is Hina (Yamamoto Mizuki), a friend of Megumi. Her voice is really cute and she have such a nice body like model ♥♥♥

This dorama is not only about romance but also tells about family, friendship, and relationship between parents and kids. 

I also enjoyed the theme song Harukaze by Rihwa and Yorokobi No Uta by Yuzu.  
Maybe I will make the english translation for Rihwa song later. Should I?

I watched this dorama without subtitle. Even I'm not 100% understand with all dialogue, am so happy T-T
Part I don't really understand was only when I hear some medical terminology. I was like ,"RRRR WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? CAN YOU SPEAK SO SO SO SLOWLY?!"
Seriously, I really have a hard time to understand that part.

Have you watched this drama? Do you crying when watch this?



  1. saya lagi ngikutin nih ... :( kemaren nangis tersedu2

  2. Miura Haruma is awesome, great post <3


  3. wah kayaknya bagus filmnya. belum nonton


    1. Yuk nonton doramanya, lumayan nguras air mata ( ; _ ; )


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