Korean Drama I Watch(ed) Recently - 1

Lately I can't find any interesting J-Drama, well maybe actually some on-going J-Drama is interesting but waiting update of J-Drama is took so long, the J-Drama I watched this season is only 5時から9時まで (from 5pm to 9am). Unlike J-Drama, I don't need to wait for so long for K-Drama, because most of the streaming or download site will have it after couple of hours after it aired, and the english subtitle too. But, watching J-Drama is still my priority because it related to my degree also I don't bother to read the subtitle as long the J-Drama is not health-related because remember medical terminology in japanese is hard at least for me. I can't focus to drama when I don't know what is the meaning of what actor or actress said. I'm watching it to know the message from this drama, not only to see the face of actor or actress, that's why I still prefer watching J-Drama even sometimes I'm watching K-Drama too.

Here is the K-Drama I watched recently, not all of them is on-going drama. When I look for the Drama I search by the category and I pick Comedy. So, what I watch(ed) is dominant with comedy. 

Second Time Twenty Years Old or Twenty Again
A story about 39 old housewife who just entered university because when she is in 19 years old she is too busy to take care of her own family. Yup take care of her own kid also husband. At first she entered university without one of her family member know it, later her family member know about it. Another fact is her husband is the lecturer at that university, and her kid is also in the same university as her. There are more reason why she entering university and by the time her life is changing too. Woohoo, I'm really adoring the actress of that 39 old mother her skin is sooo pretty ! 

She Was Pretty
I'm pretty sure many korean drama addict watch this and one of the actor is Siwon from Super Junior. Well actually I don't know if it's Siwon I just know it when I look more info about the cast, I'm only remember Big Bang member face. 

A girl who can't lie, because when she lie she will hiccuping and it won't stop until she admit that she was lied. At first I don't want to watch this because read from the drama title I was thought it will be like the Pinocchio from the kid story in my era. 

Sassy Go Go
Story about highschool kids, most of them are so care about their rank so they don't really care about friend(s). Until one day, they must gather together and join cheerleader competition. The high rank and low rank students is really act different, so sometimes they are fight and etc.

Kill Me Heal Me
The only K-Drama I'm still watching right now, I'm in episode 14 now. The story is about man who have multiple personalities, there is another 6 personalities inside him *SHOCK*. On the photo above is one of the personality with name Shin Se Gi, I like his eye gaze.

I also watch korean web drama. The title is Secret Message, and the main cast is TOP aka Choi Seung Hyun and Ueno Juri. I'm pretty sure this drama is sponsored by LINE chat application. I'm really enjoying watching this because TOP is sometimes so funny.

If you want to know where I watched it all, go check myasiantv or myasianfever .

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  1. kill me heal me sma she was pretty lucu bgt XD aaaa TOP >3< pngen liat jg XD

    1. TOP kadang2 lucu, padahal gerenya melo-drama deh :D

  2. I love Shin Se Gi! He looks just like my idol from Japan, GACKT hahaha...

    adore she was pretty too, soalnya mengingatkan pada persaudaraan mereka di kill me heal me, tapi sayangnya jadi berasa gak kayak couple, lebih mirip bersaudara lol

    pinnochio bagus sih, tapi tiap liat si laki, aku merasa seperti ngeliat filem gay, soalnya dia kan berperan di secret garden jadi gay yang demen ama si oscar itu XD kebawa2 melulu jadinya hahaha

    1. iyaaa mirip sih ya tatapannya sama gackt, tapi waktu itu nonton drama gackt yang judulnya time spiral, kok gak banget ya disitu XD

      untung aku nontonnya she was pretty duluan baru kill me heal me jadi gak ngerasa aneh gitu hehe.

      aku udah lupa cerita secret garden, jadi ya kepikirannya dia ganteng aja tanpa embel2 gay XD

    2. bwahahaha aku demen gackt kalau lagi nyanyi, kalau akting, gak deh XD

      omaigot beruntungnya dirimu XD kalau aku jadinya nonton kebawa yang lama2 melulu XD kayak yang gay itu, tetiba kalau lagi akting sama kakaknya peluk2an, langsung kyaaaaa XDDD

  3. I don't get to watch K-Dramas often because of no time, but I really enjoyed Pinocchio! So much that I watched Doctor Stranger right after it just because of Lee Jong Suk <3333


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