[NEW RELEASE] Doraemon X A'Pieu Holiday Edition

My plan was not to write new post until I finish my midterm exam which will be in next week, but I really want to share a good news for doraemon lovers but also a bad news for some of doraemon lovers wallet.

So... it seems like A'Pieu won't stop all makeup lovers especially fans of Doraemon to make all of them bankrupt, or am I the only one here?

Let's see what item from this edition :

Air-Fit A'Pieu Cushion Special Set SPF50+/PA+++ // 9.800
Available in 3 shade : #13, #21 and #23
I don't think to get this cushion because I'm pretty sure the shade won't fit my skintone.

A'Pieu Full of Color Eyes // 18.000
Available in 2 palette option.

The Glam one really catch my eyes, because of the red color.

A'Pieu Shea Butter Hand Cream // 3.800
Available in 5 variants: #Clover, #Lavender, #Lily, #Pure, #Rose

They not only sell makeup, but also sticker and mug(?)
See more collection here...

*This is not advertorial post
*All picture credit to A'Pieu website

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  1. I saw this on Instagram yesterday! Very nice packaging ^_^ I want to try the candles.


    1. wooho I want all of them, but my wallet say no XD

  2. aaaa, pngen eyeshadow palette nya jg XD


    Anakku demen banget tuh sama doraemon, kalau aku beli ini, bisa jadi diambil dia untuk koleksian dia hahaha


    1. wahaha gapapa dong jadi buat berdua, kalau anaknya lagi tidur ibu nya dandan aja pake ini ^^

  4. eyeshadow pallete-nya memang menggoda banget yaa. yang Glam keliatan unik (*w*)


  5. Too cute ^^ I want all of them .. Just 'want', not means that I must buy them LOL I must save my wallet :D Thanks for sharing Dira .. www.misskarlina.com


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