[REVIEW] BeautyLabo Hair Color #B8 Pure Beige*

Finally after one year, 2 weeks ago I dye my hair again. This time I coloring my hair using BeautyLabo Hair Color which I got from joined Kawaiii Beauty Japan campaign. Yea black hair is boring in my opinion, but I hold myself not coloring or bleach it almost this last one year because I was a bit trauma. When I tried to coloring my hair one year ago, the cream unintennionally stick on my cheek, that was a mess because I always coloring my hair by myself so it causing my right cheek was having a super bad breakout.

Isn't she Funeyama Kumiko or not? Well, I'm not sure. One thing for sure is she is so cute that is maybe the reason I pick this shade. 
BeautyLabo Pure Beige

BeautyLabo Hair Color is available in 6 shade in Indonesia market, but I see on other country  is available in 8 shade. The shade which is not available here is Honey Beige and Creamy Ash. So from 6 shade available in here, I pick shade Pure Beige which got my attention since first time I see it.
BeautyLabo Pure Beige

This is the packaging full with information from hair chart, caution, what's inside and how to use.
BeautyLabo Pure Beige

The packaging and what is inside is not really special, I mean it just like other typical hair colorant products. Inside you can see cream colorant pack, developer bottle, nozzle, gloves and instruction leaflet. 
BeautyLabo Pure Beige

Before use this, don't forget to read the caution and you must do sensitivity test for 48 hours, to know you can use this product or not.
BeautyLabo Pure Beige

How to use this is so easy, enlarge picture below to know how to use this

I don't smell strong ammoniac scent when apply it, but when I wash it the ammoniac scent is so strong.I need 2 box to coloring my hair. Because I use it by myself at first, but the result is not even. So I buy again and coloring it again with help from my niece.
BeautyLabo Pure Beige
 1. My hair condition before.
2. After try the 1st box. See? The result is not even.
3. After my niece help me to coloring it.
4. The color after one week, it get lighter taken under direct sunlight

I don't feel my hair become dry. Oh well I'm blessed with my hair condition, no matter how many times I dye and bleaching it before. It never get so dry or other problems.

What I like :
+ Cheap.
+ Easy to use.
+ Not made my hair dry.
+ Super pigmented.

What I dislike :
- Strong ammonium scent when washed


Thanks to Kawaii Beauty Japan and Hoyu

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  1. The color ended up nicely the second time around :)

    I know what you mean, I had dark hair for two years and it was so boring! I had to color it again last month to blonde haha

  2. klo cm satu box emg g rata yah XD samaan hehe. beauty labo nya g bikin rmbut kering ^^
    next time ak mau coba yg natural blonde.

    Tori Chu

  3. The colour looks lovely!! I'm planning to dye my hair after keeping it away from hair dyes anda ll for almost 2 years now~ So finding some colours to inspire me~ Thanks for sharing your review :D

    BLOG: http://miss-sennnaa.blogspot.com

  4. Indira Temen SD gw bukan sih? >_<


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