[FIRST IMPRESSION] Innisfree - The Green Tea Seed Serum*

Finally I can try the most talked serum, Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum even just the sample size.  

The sample size packaging is made like the original packaging.
This only contains 1 ml, and I can only use this for one time usage.

I'm using this at evening after take a bath, the serum is colorless and I feel my skin looks more radiant after using this.

I was thought to purchase the full version but I was reading some comments on forum, most of people said if they use this in mid-day their skin got tanned (some people tell the reason that is based on ingredients but I'm forget why) after use this even they already use sunscreen or sunblock. So I won't purchase this because if my skin got tanned it means I must buy new foundation and powder too.

RATING : 4/5

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  1. aw, what a pitty abot the tan effect :( Seems a nice serum <3

  2. Ahh thats weird it gives people a tan haha i wonder why.. :/

  3. Wutttttt skin getting tanned? Thats so weird, first time hearing a skin product to do that :O

    Michelle | MishCheungX - UK Beauty & Fashion Blog

  4. Huh? Bisa bikin kulitnya menggelap gitu? Kok bisa ya .___.

    Aku dulu juga pernah dapet ini samplenya, dan aku suka banget, soalnya walaupun kulitku berminyak, tapi kulitku itu dehidrasi. Dan serum ini bisa bikin membantu kulit dehidrasiku tapi gak bikin jadi tambah berminyak. Rencana mau beli lagi tapi belum bisa karena efek dollar naik yang begitu mengerikan hahaha

    Salam kenal btw ^___^v


    1. iya nih aku suka sih kalau hasil dr yang sample nya gak keliatan menggelap sih,
      cuma takut aja kalau nanti beli yang full size gitu jd beneran gelap kulitnya kayak orang lain yang udah pernah coba.
      kulit aku kalau makin gelap lagi susah cari produk base di drugstore soalnya T-T

    2. Yang dapet hasilnya menggelap mungkin pakai di siang hari terus gak pakai sunblock kali? Semua serum kan kalau dipakai siang wajib pakai sunblock .___.

      Kalau aku kan cuma pakai malem doang mah serum...

      Aku niat beli ini sih, tapi masih cari info apa innisfree ini animal cruelty free atau gak. Kalau udah sip, baru deh beli sekalian sama innisfree super volcanic clay mask, holy grail aku banget lah ini >___<

  5. Mauu...
    aku lagi nyari serum, anti-aging andesbre...endesbre nyaa...
    Gak tau kenapa, produk sebelumnya yang aku pake, kok bikin kulit ngelupas yaa...?

    ((inikah pertanda breakout?? harus ganti skin care gitu??))


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