[REVIEW] Kracie Naive - Facial Cleansing Foam : Aloe Vera*

Hi ! It's been so long I don't review about face wash product. So this time I will talk about my current face wash.

Anyway, I got this cleansing foam together with the bubble net 2 months ago from joined Kawaii Beauty Japan campaign (see here) and been using this since that time.

You can buy this in drugstore such as Guardian, Watson and etc with price less than Rp 50.000

I choose the Aloe Vera variant for normal skin even my skin condition at that time was combination.

The packaging is just like usual face wash which come in tube, but you can't see how much product left since the tube is not transparent.

On the back you can see complete information of this product which already translated into Bahasa because this product is imported and distributed by PT. Hoyu Indonesia.

This cleansing foam texture is white and thick and it have pleasant scent, I guess is aloe vera scent. The bubble produced using bubble net is quite thick and bouncy hehe so playable.

To use this is simple just squeeze about 1cm of the product on bubble net, put on some water and rub it...and then a lot of thick bubble is there! Ah I'm sorry I accidently delete the process picture.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical to try this because the green tea variant which I reviewed here was make my face full of bump everywhere. Luckily this one not.

After use this my face feel smooth and clean, but this one won't help me to clean my makeup so I need to use makeup remover first. Oh well, maybe some of you said this product can help you to remove makeup, I just want to say that we don't use same makeup products ;)

Though this one doesn't break my skin out I feel there's still something missing that I can't even tell, maybe because this product is for normal skin which not suits my combination skin.

What I like :
+ Doesn't break out my skin
+ Natural ingredients
+ Affordable price

What I dislike :
- Not available for combination skin


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  1. aw, what a pitty doesn't have a combination skin one :( But it seems really nice. I love aloe vera so much <3

  2. Ak juga masih pake facial foam ini sampe sekarang, biasanya jarang bgt ada yg cocok trus gonta ganti lg TT.TT harganya jg affordable.XD

  3. This sounds really nice! I'm always on the lookout for a good skincare product ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. nice review~ too bad it doesnt work out for you in removing makeup and stuff :/
    i really need to get myself a bubble net!

  5. Aku pake ini agak kering mukanya, hihihih apa karena aku pake yg Aloe Vera ya... Coz kulitku emang agak kering... Salam kenal Indira... :)



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