[HAUL] September - Gift To Myself

My birthday was on September. Nothing special, I still can't control my shopping habbit. But I  must stop this slowly but sure, because all important stuff for makeup I have is already more than enough, especially for people who just want apply sunscreen and lipbalm every day. LOL We will see about this, can I stop this habbit or not.

So for this month I will include where I buy because I don't shop at many place this time.

 Anyway I'm so sorry that lately I don't write much as I used to, as a last year university student I need to more focus on my study. I only can take pictures on weekend, but lately I also have activity on weekend, though sometimes I also have day off on weekend but when my dad at home I can't take pictures for my blog. The reason is if I stay in my room more than 15 minutes he always calling my name from 1st floor  and my room is on 2nd floor, when I answer he just said, "nothing". It means I must go to 1st floor, if no he will keep calling my name. I'm sure he worry that I will do 引きこもり (hikikomori) LOL. Yo don't worry dad even I don't hang out that much I won't do that (at last for now :p). I can't take pictures on 1st floor becuase the natural lighting is so much better from my room which is on 2nd floor, let me tell you until now I can't use photoshop. Already look hundred tutorial while try use it too, but it's so haaard to understand. I know that pictures on my blog is not good, but the post without picture will be pretty boring, right?

So, here is the item one by one. I haven't take a pics for some items because it's just arrived yesterday and I don't have time to take a pics.

1. Maybelline Dream Satin Skin shade B2 Honey - Luxola. 
Really want to get this since it first launched but I can't find this on drugstore near me, so I bought this as Luxola and only pay about Rp 75.000 because I redeem my point and that was free shipping day. You know that Luxola Indonesia charge Rp 100.000 for shipping if you shop less than RP 200.000 meeh.
2. Make Over Creamy Foundation Palette - Sociolla.
Bought this because my skin condition was changed to dry and because Make Over is my number 1 fav local brand. Actually I don't pay full price, I only pay Rp 150.000 because I have voucher from Sociolla.
3. Make Over Camouflage Cream Face Concealer - Sociolla. 
Bought this because I'm really curious, this product look similar like Make Up Forever.
4. Emina Bare With Me Mineral Loose Powder shade Ebony - Sociolla. 
Bought this because I wanna try new powder, I'm bored because I have been using same powder since last year and the shade is not a perfect match anymore so I bought new one.
5. Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Sleeping Essence - Luxola.
I was using this until January this year and it was hard to get this near me so I stop using it, don't remember the exact price but I bought this when there was discount about 40% if I'm not mistaken.
6. Make Over Ultra Matt Liquid Foundation shade #5 Nude Velvet - Make Over Store (not in picture).
Bought this because the BA were so really kind to me, so I can't resist to not buy this one.
7. Emina Bare With Me Mineral Compact Powder shade Ebony - Sociolla (not in picture).
Bought this because the loose powder really fit my skintone so I bought this one too, since this one is have smaller packaging.

1. Shu Uemura S Curler - @iroiroshopu
Bought this because this one is not number one popular for curling eyelashes LOL *ceritanya anti mainstream gitu* I bought this because it's unique.
2. Emina Pop Rounge Eyeshadow shade Gelato - Sociolla
Bought this because I really like collecting eyeshadow thought I don't use it every day.
3. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner shade Super Black - @japankosmetik
Bought this because it was on discount 50% off, yeah you read it right and it's really cheap.
4. Dolly Wink Liquid yeliner shade Black - @japankosmetik
This liquid eyeliner from dolly wink is my first time eyeliner when I know about makeup. I also got this on sale 50%, really best price even I bought this in Japan I won't get this on such a really price. Don't worry the seller only sells authentic stuff.
5. Dolly Wink Eyelashes in Feminine Girl - @japankosmetik
Shall I mention again why I bought this one? Becuse it's on sale 50% off!
6. Blink Charm
7. Lavie Lash in Wildflower Fleur - Sociolla (not in picture).
8. Blick Char in Natural Flair No. 05 - Sociolla (not in picture).
9. Masami Shouko Eyelashes Curler + Refill - Sociolla (not in picture).

1. Emina Creme de La Creme shade Emma's Nude - Sociolla.
2. Emina My Faourite Things Lip Color Balm shade Dancing Queen - Sociolla.
3. Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte Lipcolor - M401.
It's a new lipstick from Maybelline. Since it so cheap it won't hirt my wallet at all.
4. Canmake Candy Wrap Lip shade 01 - @japankosmetik.
5. Emina Oh So Kissable Lipstick shade Flame Pea.
6. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick shade Mochalicious - @makeupuccino  (not in picture).
7. City Color Creamy Lips shade Chocolate Merlott - @makeupuccino ot in picture).

1. Bioderma Sensibio H20 100ml.
2. Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush shade Pink - Sociolla.
3. Canmake Highlighter shade 05 - Sociolla.
4. Skin Aqua Sara Fit UV SPF50+ PA++++ in Hello Kitty edition - @iroiroshopu.
5. Sigma Beauty F30 Large Powder Brush - Luxola.
When it's arrived at first I was said, "damn is so big!". But seriously no regret at all buying this.
6. Real Techniques Core Collection - Luxola (not in picture).
Bought this when Luxola have discount 30% off so the price is still cheaper than other online shop.

Before you said I'm so extravagant person, I wanna tell that products I bought this month mostly were on discount, some I got it for free. No, I don't get it from giveaway but from using Sociolla point. 

Have you tried some items above? Please tell me if you have bad experience from some item above, lol so I can sell it again.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Your dad is so funny calling your name so you can keep going down to the first floor. Such cute items! Everything has nice packaging.

  2. Skin Aqua Hello Kitty-nya lucu banget, Ind! >.< Jadi pengen beli fufufu~~~

    Wehehehehe ini toh palet foundie-nya... Ditunggu review-nya yaa! ^^

    1. wahahaha kalau buka web sanrio jepang banyak banget lah itu makeup hello kitty nya! ^^

  3. yaaampuuun buanyak banget haulnyaaa (*o*)
    aku pengen banget itu Shu Uemura eye lash curlernya. pengen nyobain maybelline yang colorshow matte juga, request review duluan yah haha takutnya kurang cocok juga kayak seri colorshow yang awal
    di antara haul kamu yang udah aku cobain cuma garnier sleeping essence sama wet n wild mochalicious. aku kurang suka sleeping essence nya, agak lengket2 gimana gitu. kalo lipstik wn'w mah aku suka banget!

    Sitha | lemmeswatchit.blogspot.com

    1. kalau lipstick gampang lah, cuma eyelash curler bingung gimana ngereviewnya hehe.
      itu aku udah lama pakai garnier dulu, cuma sempat berhenti karena pakai ponds, awalnya juga agak2 lengket dulu, tp 3 hari ga lengket lagi, kalau bangun hidung aku yang biasanya berminyak jadi enggak. Kalau lipstick wnw nya udh pernah coba dulu yg vamp it up, karena suka jadi beli lagi :p


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