[NEW RELEASE] New Doraemon X A'Pieu Collection

I was thought A'Pieu collaboration with Doraemon already ended. But fact is they still have more products which just released yesterday!


The new products which was released yesterday :
  • A'Pieu Have A Good Day! All-in-one Perfume Mist ( Doraemon Edition )
  • A'Pieu Air-Fit Foundation Nude Foundation SPF 35/PA++ ( Doraemon Edition )
  • A'Pieu Small Face Shading Kit ( Doraemon Edition )
  • A'Pieu Shaping Brow Kit ( Doraemon Edition )

 Let's see more detail of each item.

A'Pieu Have A Good Day! All-in-one Perfume Mist ( Doraemon Edition ) // 8.500
Available in 3 variants ( Cotton Mild - Garden Grass - Fruity Blossom )
I think to get the cotton mild (the blue one) because it contains musk scents. Also the content is 420 ml, so I can say it's cheap.

A'Pieu Air-Fit Foundation Nude Foundation SPF 35/PA++ ( Doraemon Edition ) //  7.800
Available in 2 shades ( No. 21 and 23 )
APieu Doraemon Foundation
APieu Doraemon Foundation

APieu Doraemon Foundation
It's my first time see foundation with pipette applicator. The foundation name also interesting, but I won't buy this one because I'm pretty sure the shade is not suits my skin tone.

A'Pieu Small Face Shading Kit ( Doraemon Edition ) // 9.000
Available in 2 shade .
This is the most tempting item for me, because the last contour kit and was the only one contour kit I have was broken. But I will look for the swatches for korean youtuber first before buy this

A'Pieu Shaping Brow Kit ( Doraemon Edition ) //  6.000
Available in 2 shades ( Dark Brown & Light Brown )
The kit also have spoolie and brow brush inside. I don't plan to buy this one because I just bought new brow palette this early month, but if someone want to give it to me I will happily accept it.

In case you don't know the previous collaboration which was released on August and September, here they are.

Released on 13th August 2015
  • A'Pieu Full of Color Eyes (Doraemon Edition) // 18.000
  • A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion Blusher (Doraemon Edition) // 5.800
  • A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion Special Set (Doraemon Edition) // 9.800
  • A'Pieu Air-Fit Cushion BBoyan SPF50+/PA+++ (Doraemon Edition) // 5.800
  • A'Pieu Jelly Marmalade (Doraemon Edition) // 3.800

Released on September 2015 (forget the exact date)
  • A'Pieu Shea Butter Hand Cream (Doraemon Edition) // 3.000원 or 15.000 (set)
  • A'Pieu Pure Block Mild Plus Sun Cream SPF32/PA+++ (Doraemon Edition) // 8.000
  • A'Pieu Pure Block Natural Daily Sun Cream SPF45/PA+++ (Doraemon Edition) // 7.800
  • A'Pieu Pure Block Tone-Up Sun Base SPF50+/PA+++ (Doraemon Edition) // 8.000
So, what do you think about this collaboration of A'Pieu Cosmetics X Doraemon, tempting enough? Or do you already got some just like me because you can't resist the cuteness?

*This is not advertorial post
*All picture credit to A'Pieu website


Physically I'm sick since 2 weeks ago. Don't know why this year I face some serious illness twice so far, first one was on February and this time is the second. My dad and other big family member said it's serious, but I think no since I still be able to moving my body and do other activities, such as blogging or check SNS LOL. But I only can left comment on other people blog, can't make new post since I don't have picture for new post. A post without picture will be pretty boring, right? Opening my SNS is disaster for my wallet since I follow many online shop, lately I always saw Korean brand have collaboration with anime character or cartoon and it's limited edition. 

One thing I really regret when I was healthy was because I don't eat so much. I mean even I (can be categorized) fat I only have maximum big meal for 2 times every day. No, I'm not on diet and never do diet so far. I'm really picky about food and probably lazy to eat. I almost buy same food in university canteen so far, I also don't like eat egg which have smell like egg. I can't eat food now whether is yummy or not I always throw up. 

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  1. aaa pngen brow kit nya XD duhh masih muncul aja doraemonnya XD

    1. tau nih ya, kirain udahan.
      mau contour kit nya, tapi nyari review dulu takut kurang gelap karena kemarin beli bronzernya juga kurang di aku.
      duh, jangan2 ntar ada lagi nih, ngeriiiii -__-

    2. Iyaa. .. nunggu review dulu .itu brow kit nya jg gelap bgt. Eh eyeshadownya gmn? bagus g. Kmrn pngn beli tp kok warnanya hampir sama smua

    3. bagus sih menurut aku, cuman ya yang shimmer itu blink blink banget

  2. Never heard of this brand, but the packaging is soooo cute! <3 <3


    1. It's my first time trying product from this brand !

  3. I've never watched that anime but I adore the packaging! This new line looks super cute and good!

    Otaku Haul @ bijou-heart

  4. I purchased the foundation, bb cushion, brow kit, and shading palette from this collection last week :x My order is still in process so I'm hoping it doesn't cancelled due to it being sold out.

    And please get better!!!


    1. I purchased the bboyan and liptint but it's sold out, so sad T_T
      Please share the swatch of the shading palette when you make the post!
      I was purchased the air fit cushion blusher shade BR01 which supposed to be bronzer based on pic ads, but it turns out to be like foundation with pink undertone (I hope you git what I mean) on my skin, so I really need to look for more swatch before buy the shading palette this tie.

    lucu banget packagingnyaa, love them ❤


    1. yes!
      hujan duit please biar bisa beli semuanya LOL

  6. omg omg the collection all are so cute!!!! >.<


  7. That's so adorable, I wish they do a sailor moon collaboration in the future :) that would be awesome! A girl can dream right ...

    1. if I'm not mistaken, there is japanese brand with sailor moon theme :)


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