October Discount Information

Hi !

I just realised that I don't write this post last month, sorry. I wanna say thanks to all of you who (accidentally or not) visit my blog, leave comment, click banner also make purchase through it. I don't know what to say again I just wanna say thankyou so much. I still write on this blog and it's more than 1 year. 

So, here they are the sale and promotio during this month.

1. Free full-size gold E25 blending brush
You can get this if you make orders USD 75+. I have this one, but in chrome color hehe you know that I'm not into gold color. It really helps me blending eyeshadow effortlessly. You can click here if you wan to buy it individually. 
2. Copper Complete Kit for only USD 411 (was USD 470)
Yes, you read it right the price is down more than USD 50. Interested to buy this? Click here

However if you live in Indonesia, I recommed you to purchase on Luxola. You know dollar is so high right now, and if you buy from Luxola it's more cheaper than other local online shop. This is not sponsored by Luxola, if you can get cheaper price why looking for more expensive.


Indonesia only
1. Get 2 Bioderma Hydrabio Brume 50ml for only IDR 99.000 
Sudah tau produk baru dari Bioderma yaitu Hydrabio yang ditujukan untuk kulit kering. Indonesia adalah negara pertama di Asia yang menjualnya. Promo ini hanya ada di Guardian.
2. Bioderma Sensibio special price only at Sociolla
Udah pada cobain Sensibio ini belum? Kalau belum mumpung lagi murah di Sociolla cepat beli deh. Yang udah pernah cobain dan suka sama hasilnya juga ayo ngestock, mumpung lagi murah nih. Aku udah masuk botol ke-4 yang 100ml, aku lebih suka beli yang kemasan 100ml soalnya gampang dibawa kemana-mana, gak makan tempat juga di meja.

Oh ya, aku ada tips hemat belanja di Sociolla secepatnya akan aku share, mau gratisan juga bisa tanpa harus ikutan giveawaynya Sociolla, ciyus deh :p .


Anyway, I'm planning to make giveaway soon. I will holding the giveaway when my instagram followers reach my favorite number (guess it!) hehe. This is some of the prize!  You still can see even after I blur it, right? ;) 

That's the information I can share right now, I will update this post if there is any new sale and others info !

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