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Hi all! It’s me Indira and welcome (back) to my blog.

Today I want to share with you the most natural and so far the most comfortable circle lenses I got from klenspop. You know that 'no-makeup' makeup trend, so this circle lenses is for 'no-circle lenses' lenses, perfect for people with dark brown iris to complete your 'no-makeup' makeup look.

Disclosure : Products were sent to me for review purpose, however all opinion are based on my experience. Read more here.

Klenspop staff let me choose what I want from their website, because lately I always got and buy circle lenses with not wearable color for daily so I picked Siena Brown from Silicon Hydrogel Lens section. Silicon Hydrogel Lens is my eyes best friend and I'm so happy to have these because everything is perfect~!

I got my package in padded envelope inside is a box designed with pop art girl picture. Inside the box is one pair of circle lenses in glass vials, lens case and tweezer.

Manufacturer : BS
Diameter : 14.2 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.50 mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 6 Month
Country of Origin :Korea
Price : $18
Includes 1 pair of circle lenses with bonus case and tweezer.
*available in minus power range*

Design of these circle lenses glass vials is in green color with description in hangeul and information about the base curve. lens diameter, expiry date and more. Glass vials design is not interesting at all, but who cares? All I need only comfort.

The design is mix of dark brown at outer part and inner is mix of light brown with little bit of orange dot. Color intensity of inside and outside part is same. I was thought when worn the result will look like Madonna Brown especially in middle part, but I was really wrong! 

See? So natural, right?
These circle lenses design and color is blending naturally with my dark brown eyes, perfect for my no-circle lenses look. It looks good without eye makeup also bare face. Super natural because these only give slight enlargement.

*sorry for different lighting*
above is both of my eyes wearing circle lenses
under picture is comparison

I never feel any discomfort when wearing these circle lenses, they last 16 hours without any discomfort at all. Since these super natural and super comfortable when I look at mirror I once forget that I'm wearing circle lenses there is a possibility I may sleep with wearing circle lenses (but so far I never sleep with still wearing these lenses), that's the only minus point since I'm a sleepyhead!
COLOR : 5/5
DESIGN : 5/5

Overall, I really recommend these lenses for people with dark brown eyes who loves super natural and comfortable lenses. I'm almost wearing these circle lenses every day the past 3 weeks! Too bad yesterday the left lens is torn at outer part because of my nail, I was so shocked to face this reality I was hope that was a dream, but sadly it's not *cry*.

*yo sorry for bad quality, since my phone is broken I took this one using my bro phone front camera*

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Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this review!

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  1. Kayak nggak pakek banget O.O

  2. wah langsung dari korea nihh indira? Bagus bangeeett warnanya, super natural banget di kamu. dia nyaman dipake ya, padahal water contentnya cuma 38% hmmm

    1. kalau water content itu tergantung mata asing2 orang setau aku, aku malah ngerasa cepet kering yang water content nya diatas 50% cilla :)

  3. Hello Kak Indira...
    I really like natural softlens! Seeing this lens make me feel that I need to buy it rn! hahaha It looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing <3

    XOXO, Syarah

  4. wah softlens terlihat natural banget ya. Sayang banget nggak kasih efek enlargement

  5. aku kok gemes sama kamu sih in.. racun review softlens bikin mupeng.. pattern yang kamu review lagi-lagi punya efek natural yang aku sukaaaaak..

    1. kamu mah pake yang design nya rame juga cocok aja kak :*

  6. Damn.. I've had that experience of my circle lens tearing, so sad :( the lenses look good though! something I would definitely purchase due to the minimal enlargement, actually i can't even tell a difference hahaha


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