[HAUL] What's on My Mail This Week

Finally I'm back to my home after several days stay in place that I don't really like and I'm sure most of you also hate that place to.. *don't ask me where* Guess it! 

In fact some of my post before where scheduled, I have scheduled post until mid of March but I think I need to postpone it since some picture for my upcoming post is not good enough.

In this post I wanna share to you, all products I got on my mail this week. All of them are from giveaway prize! *yay*

I began to join giveaway since September, I was too lazy to participated in giveaway event back then but now I'm kinda addicted *lol*. Somehow when I have feel I will win the giveaway, the result is true as I expected. But when I don't expect to win, then I don't win. Do you have that feeling too when participate in giveaway?

So, here I show you what I got this week. Also as my gratitude to giveaway organizer. 

On Monday I received Face Wash from CowStyle this is one of their brand, SkinLife. SkinLife is one of  japanese drugstore brand, concentrated for acne-prone skin.
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Of course I will make review later, but to be honest I'm kind of afraid to change my current face wash since I ever tried face wash for acne-prone skin (review here) but it caused more pimples on my face. My current face wash is for acne-prone skin and I did a good job and the price is only half of this, hehee haven't post a review of this. 

On Wednesday I received 2 packages, first is from LALA. LALA  is basically an online cosmetic store from South Korea which offers many variety of beauty products.
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I will make unboxing post and first impression for this later. Stay tune!

Still on Wednesday I was received this LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint, from LA Girl Indonesia. This product is currently infamous, the packaging is similar like the Too Faced Melted Lipstick.
I got shade Tango, the packaging is bright orange. I never worn orange lipstick before. In LA Girl USA website it doesn't look too orange though. Will it suits me?  

That's all my haul this week cause I'm too lazy to make it monthly, I'm lazy to gather all stuff hehehee. I know the picture is in bad lighting since I was took this few minutes ago in night, but I want to share it with you guys. Maybe if I have time I will change the picture too.

Until then~!


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  1. What a lovely post! Everything looks great, especially the Lip Paint ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Omg, what lovely things, I'm looking for the mail carrier to bring stuff home

  3. oooo cant wait for the unboxing post :D really nice things~

  4. Oh very cute products sweetie
    Thanks for share


  5. How do you join all those giveaways? I join them once in a while, but I have never won one D: Unlucky me haha!

  6. omg, you are so lucky, cant wait for lalalala review :3
    @freddy_friday blog

  7. So thats what's inside the box! ;)
    Skinlife is good!


  8. wow nice things :) I'll wait for the reviews.


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