[FIRST IMPRESSION] Nature Republic - Snail Solution Mask Sheet*

Lately many beauty products using Snail as main ingredient especially skin care, I wanna try some product which contain Snail too, but still can't decide which produce I must try since I have sensitive skin. So I must choose product wisely.

Few weeks ago, I got this from rumahcantikputri giveaway prize. And since this is my 1st time try this mask, I write my first impression. Usually for mask, I write the review after 3 - 5 times trying. So here is my opinion about this mask sheet.

Nature Republic - Snail Solution Mask Sheet

The mask sheet packaging is similar like other mask sheet packaging, dominated with green color and it really suits the brand name, Nature Republic. On the back there is printed how to use, caution, ingredients, and other information too in Hangeul and English.

Nature Republic - Snail Solution Mask Sheet

I use this mask before I sleep. When using this I feel cooling sensation which I think come from Cucumis Sativius (listed on ingredients). I smell something really relaxing from this mask sheet. I apply the mask for about 20 minutes. After using this I feel my face skin so moist and this mask really moisturising. But the next morning when I wake up I see  some pimple on my face, not sure if it the effect from this product or my hormones since I'm in 'period'. Overall, I like this mask since it makes my face skin so moist but I think I won't buy this again, I feel my Garnier Sakura White Mask do better than this.

Have you tried this mask before?
Do you have any recommendations product which contains Snail for sensitive skin? 

Thank you for reading ♪


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  1. Paling males maskeran tuh padahal penting ya :D
    Check and comment >> http://www.misskarlina.com/2015/02/1-day-acuvue-moist-contact-lenses.html

  2. I have never tried any snail products before. But it seems interesting. :)

  3. I've tried some snail products, and I must say that they make your skin so smooth! It's such a great ingredient!!

  4. Beneran Garnier Sakura lebih bagus? Wah cocok-cocokan yah..

  5. Haven't tried yet, but interested to get one sooner or later :)

    noniq's diary | A blog by Noniq

  6. belum pernah coba mask yg ini, wanna try it :D .



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