[REVIEW] GULA Co. : Yummy Lip Scrub in Babies Size - Ocha


First special post review this month is Lip Scrub. 
I bought this lip scrub one month ago. That time I also want to buy their Lip Balm. But the flavors I want is already soldout. And the size available was only the babies size. 

So I bought this 3 flavors : Strawberry,  Cocoa, Ocha.

Actually they have 5 flavors:

GULA Co. is Indonesia homemade brand. Made from natural ingredients and risk free. Doesn't contains preservatives, so it can't last more than 3 months. But for strawberry flavor has shorter life only 2 months, because it's made from real strawberry. If you don't want to throw away any single granules, you can consume this. Don't worry it's safe! But don't blame me if you have diabetes later lol. 

My lips becomes chapped at the end of fasting month. And some part becomes darker, I was really sad that time. 

Now after 1 month tried this Lip Scrub, I want to share my experience using this. 
My favorite is Ocha flavor. 

GULA Co. Yummy Lip Scrub - Ocha
"Removes dead skin & protect skin from sun damage."

This also comes with manual book.
The babies size contains 6gr of sugar.

The packaging is different from the real-size. The babies size don't come with transparent lid. But there is sticker stick on the lid. So you still know what variant inside without need to open it. 

Benefit of Ocha variants: Removes dead skin, Hydrates skin, Calming, Trusty
antioxidants, Keep your lips soft & supple, Moisturizing,
Protect skin from sun damage, Lightens dark lips, Kissable

I scrub my lips 1-2 every weeks.  After usage my lips feel moist. Using this regularly to help brightens your lips. Remember for always put on lip balm after scrubbing process.
Before- During - After

What I like
☺ Made from natural ingredients
☺ No preservatives
☺ Works good on my lips
☺ Edible

What I dislike 
☹ None

Where to buy?
LINE natashaale
Whatsapp 087880838487
E-mail gulaco@outlook.com

Love, Indira.


  1. Ah I heard about this lip scrub brand from a friend of mine who know the owner and got them for free !! She's so lucky haha >.< ♥ These lip scrubs sound sooo yummy and delicious, I would totally LOVE to try them but unfortunately you can't purchase them in my country :( Thanks for this review though ^-^

    Mindy ♥ http://mymychen.blogspot.com/

    1. Yes, this is so yummy. I'm also like cocoa variant too^^

      Thankyou for drop by~♡

  2. Omg, that lip scrub looks so cute LOL. It even looks yummy!~ *__* <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. Yeah it's so yummy, dear.
      Thankyou for drop by ^~^

  3. I bought it too! Mine are strawberry, cocoa & honey but the only flavor I've been trying was strawberry and it tasted super sweet.

    Nice review by the way, keep writing :)


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