[REVIEW] Jar of Beauty : Cream Blush -Tropical Sunrise

Hello, I’m back~♡

This time review is about blush on. Honestly, blush on is the only one make up product that I only had 1 before. And that blush on is already expired long time ago. 

This cream blush have 3 differents color : Bloody Mary – Red Color, Cosmopolitan – Pink Color, Tropical Sunrise – Coral Color. The cream blush I have is Tropical Sunrise in Coral Color.  

 I bought this one week after Ied, so sorry because this one is the old packaging. 
They have new packaging now, which is a lot cutter. 

Swatches, really pretty color ♡♡♡

I really like the color, makes me look so fresh and the result when I apply this is so natural. And the packaging is really petite made from plastic jar, easy to bring anywhere.

I think this will lasted because I rarely use blush on, only use it in special occasion.  The expired date is 1 year after first time use this. Unfortunately, there is no ingredients list.

Jar of Beauty also have other products: Make Up Remover, Lipbalm and Tinted Lipbalm. 
I have tried their tinted lipbalm too, will post the review soon.

More info about Jar Of Beauty :

I bought it from the reseller, with same price. Bought it from @prettyrecipe, this olshop also sell other homemade products. So if you also look for homemade product, you can check this shop to save shipping fee. Seriously, I might not know Jar of Beauty brand now if I don’t check @prettyrecipe before.

Love, Indira.


  1. ihh lucu banget blusnya :3


  2. wah aku penasaran nih sama brand ini, apalagi lip balmnya. Pernah coba lipbalmnya?

    thank for visiting my blog btw ^^

    1. Lipbalmnya belum coba, tp kalau tinted lipbalmnya udah^^
      Makasih udah mampir xoxo


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