My Favourites Japanese YouTuber Channels

As my major is Japanese Literature, and one thing that I'm sure people think is I'm so-damn-good talking in japanese. Well, my japanese speaking and writing ability is decreased compared to when I was at 2nd grade in university. It's because.....well a long story. I just want to tell that I'm not only learn about language, I also learn about japanese society, people, culture, history, business and many more. But I don't blame you if you think I'm good at japanese language, since the language is the key to understand other component I mentioned before.

One of my method to learn and gain more knowledge is by having Japanese boyfriend (HAHAH just kidding it don't help me much! He is useless LOLOL) watching youtube. Some channel below are good for you if you want to understand more about it, some channel also good to watch when you are sad and need consolation. The list below is just my favourite in no particular order. 

A channel of married couple named Rachel(foreigner) and Jun(japanese). They are so perfect together. Rachel can speak Japanese, and Jun can speak english too, most of their video are subbbed. Jun is have other channel which show his cooking ability. They often collaborated with other youtubers which live in japan and talk about japan.
You can watch their recommendation of place you must visit in Japan if you are going there. If you want to more know about Otaku, Capsule Hotel, Myths, Maid Cafe, the different between Valentine's Day and White's Day (it is maybe a common thing in other country, but in Indonesia since we don't really celebrate it, I learn about it from them) more you can see in their channel and you can see their cheesy-ness as a couple too is some of their video!

Found this channel when I was looking of full song from one of Japan Drama I watched here. At that time I can't find the song full version, and I decided to listen the cover version from some youtuber. When I heard he sing the song I was looking for with guitar, I really touched, I feel he sing it from his heart. I also think he is sing better that the original singer. 
Well this channel is not old enough, but some of his video of he cover song is got more among others. Hope in future he will show his face since in all of the video so far only show his hand while playing guitar.

Need some fun? Want to see that kind of fool-experiment and more? You will get it from this channel, too bad his video is don't have subtitle. 
One of BeautyBound Asia's participant from Japan. I know her before she joined that event. First time I saw her is in Hajime Channel. She share about DIY, Makeup, her activity and more. Some of her video is subbed. She is so fun, interesting and the way she speak is so energetic I feel like she gave me energy.

That Japanese Man Yuta
I like watch his social experiment video. His video are mostly asking japanese some question, sometimes he also explain thing for example why Doraemon is written in hiragana and katakana. Don't worry his video are have english sub.

This channel is sharing makeup tutorial, some of the video is have subtitle. Mostly the video are only in short duration. Dominated with natural but still look pretty yet attractive enough.
If you are before more often watch makeup tutorial by western people. I bet when watch this channel you will say something like "hey blend that shit," or "your lips, why you don't use lipliner? why you applying lipstick like that." and more that you will understand what I said if you watch ALL video in this channel. Yeah that's what you will see in this channel, the eyeshadow is not perfectly blended and more things which is different compared to western style. Actually about the not perfectly blended eyeshadow and etc is not only on this channel, on other japanese youtube account which talk about makeup too you will easily find it. Well, if their style of makeup is like western style then it's another story. So, next time if you see people with not perfectly blended eyeshadow don't badmouth them maybe they choose this style.

So, that's all my post today about favourite japanese youtuber channel. I actually have more channel of japanese youtube account I subscribed but I just list that I like the most. 


  1. Aq juga subscribe Rachel & Jun ^^ Videonya Japanese Man Yuta juga seru seru ^^ (

  2. Gak satu pun yang aku tahu XDD aku kalau ke youtube tuh liatnya pocoyo, upin ipin, boboiboy XDDD~ << nasib punya anak XD

  3. Cool recomendation. I need to improve my japan language skill and i wish this is can jelp me. Thankyou 😘


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