Contact Lenses : Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet & Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue*

Hi Guys!
Today I have review of contact lens again from Klenspop. They sent me two pair of contact lenses from Ellen Panda series. Ellen Panda is have many series and what they sent me is Ellen Panda PM series, I got Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet and Ellen Panda PM12 Blue.

As usual the shipping took about 2 weeks from Korea to Indonesia. They sent the package with cardboard and everything inside the cardboard is securely wrapped with bubble wrap and a piece of colorful manual sheet too.

Before continue this post, I wanna say sorry because of the different lighting in picture you will see, since I took some picture not in same day or moment, it always suddenly rain nowadays.

This time in one post I wil review both of it because this contact lenses is from same series and the only different is only color another fact is when wearing both of them I don't feel any different. 

Talk about the packaging first. Every contact lenses I received from Klenspop is always come with pretty box. Compared to the previous box I got, this time the box is designed more colorful and more eye catching. Even the box design is different, what's inside the box is same: one pair of contact lens, tweezer and contact lens case.
klenspop packaging

I notice something different, in their new box at the back side there's no contact lens manual like in previous box I got. To see how the previous box looks like you can check my previous post. 
klenspop box

Even the contact lens manual is not printed at the back side of the box. You still can see the contact lens manual at manual sheet and it's more complete. So no need to worry for first time contact lens user and if you already use contact lens for long time you can get more information too, maybe you treat your contact lens in wrong way?
contact lens instruction

Just like the name, I got contact lens in violet and blue color. Both color are not suit for daily use in my opinion. I choose Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet to wear first because I like purple. So the review will start with Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet and continue with Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue. 


Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet & Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue
Manufacturer : 
Diameter : 
14.00  mm
Graphic Diameter : 
13.70 mm
Water Content : 
Base Curve : 
Life Span : 
6 Month
Country of Origin :
Price : 
Includes 1 pair of circle lenses with bonus case and tweezer.
*available in minus power range*


Did you see the picture in glass vials? It's panda! After they release bunny series, now it's panda turn. OMOOO So damn cute! All Ellen Panda series glass vials design is same, what make it difference is the lid design.

ellen panda pm 14 violet

The color of Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet is a gradation of purple and black limbal ring at outer part. It does make my iris look bigger and in still in normal way. The pattern somehow is not special, I see other brand have similar pattern too. When wearing them, the color is not vibrant, it looks dark purple on  my dark brown iris. The purple color is not noticeable from distant and sometimes wearing it in daily basis. I know the color is not natural for people with dark brow iris, but compared to Madonna Violet I prefer using Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet because the pattern is a bit more natural. 
ellen panda pm 14 violet

Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue
ellen panda pm 12 blue
Still can't stop looking at the panda. The panda is holding triangular kimbap and remind me
of Yoo Jung sunbae (if you watch korean drama with title Cheese In The Trap, you definitely know who is he.)

ellen panda pm 12 blue

The color of Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue is a gradation of light blue mixed with grayish tone and black limbal ring at outer part. It does make my iris look bigger and in still in normal way. The pattern somehow is not special, I see other brand have similar pattern too. I have other contact lens with blue color before, but this one the blue color is more lighter even in room with low lighting people still notice that I wearing this contact lens. This just so unnatural in me, as I have dark brown iris and I feel people look at me in weird way. This Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue will be my last option for daily use because I feel the color is really not suit me. 
ellen panda pm 12 blue


My first time experience when wearing both of them is I don't feel painful at all, it's really my first time feel comfortable when trying new contact lens, usually when wearing new contact lens for first time I always feel uncomfortable and need time adaptation. But this one is comfortable enough since first time I put them.

Well even I feel comfortable since first time use them, both of the contact lens Ellen Panda PM 14 Violet and Ellen Panda PM 12 Blue I feel it started dry a bit after 5 hours, but it's not really painful still bearable, eyedrops can solve that problem.

Here is how the contact lens looks on me. I edit the picture to make my skin look same like in real life condition, the original picture of both of them is my skin look so pale (blame the natural day lighting, but I look ugleeeh in room with low lighting lol!) Since I edit it using LINE Camera (can't understand photoshop, tried it many times, but still difficult), I hope the picture color is not turn out weird in your screen, it looks okay on my laptop and phone screen.

Overall, these contact lens are comfortable but not for long time use. For people with dark brown iris, the result won't be natural because well yeah how come blue and violet looks natural in dark brown iris? But, just like how it looks on me, the blue one is more lighter that's why it become my last option to wear daily. Both of the contact lens give enlargement effect but not exaggerated. 

COLOR : 4/5
DESIGN : 3/5
COMFORT : 3.5/5


Thank you very much for reading and I hope you liked this review!

Dis :
"This product was sent to me for review purpose. However all opinion are based on the author's personal experience. Please note, not all products works for me might not works good for you or otherwise." 
Read more complete disclaimer here.

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  1. Suka sama yang violet, unik warna nya.. Kalau yang blue warna nya gonjreng banget ya.. Tapi kayak barbie doll kalau pakai yang biru

    1. Iya gonjreng banget menurut aku, rada aneh ngeliat muka sendiri kalau pakai yg biru tanpa makeup :)

  2. I got the chance to review these two beauties as well ♡
    I really like both of them :) It's cool that we share almost the same opinion haha

    Jenny ♡

    1. I like them too but prefer the violet one for daily ^^

  3. Woahhh I wanna buy those softlens I bet... anyway love your blog!

    xoxo, Syarah


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