[REVIEW] Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss #01 Clear Type

Have you ever heard brand with name Canmake, it's one of drugstore brand in Japan. Some of the products are really famous and some of them also have so-so quality. But most of their famous and best selling product is really bomb, I mean their best selling products mostly rated high by consumer and can beat high-end products!

Product I will review is Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss and was released in March 2015 with 2 shades and now they have 1 new shade, so the total is available in 3 shades. The shades name are, #1 Clear, 2 Pearl and #3 Clear & mine is no.1 .
canmake your lip only gloss

Did you know Cosme Awards? Cosme Awards is quite a big deal in japan. So, in case you want to buy japan cosmetics why don't you check cosme site first. Well, the review is in japanese, but you can use google translator to help you understand a bit (you know that google translator is not always true, right?), or I'll be happy to help you to translate it. Just drop me e-mail but please just make it short, if I must translate long sentence then you need to pay me LOL.  

This Canmake You Lip Only Gloss was the winner of half year awards of new cosmetics 2015 in category lip gloss.
On this week (I wrote this post on 7th November 2015) this product is in position number 4.

And now let's find out more about this product.

canmake your lip only gloss
canmake your lip only gloss

Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss is a lip gloss which can change your lips color to your 'colored natural lips' based on the moisture level on your lips so the result is differ from one wearer to another. This product haven't officially released in Indonesia, but you can check my online shop recommendation list here to know where to buy.

Packaging of Canmake Your Lips Only Gloss is comes in cardboard with flower themed and the tube of lip gloss in transparent with gold cap. As you seen on picture above there is a illustration of the color change.
canmake your lip only gloss

Did you see the picture above? Yesss the aplicator is in pink color, but it doesn't affect the lipgloss. Just as the shade name the color is still clear.
canmake your lip only gloss

How to use this is based on canmake website is :
"Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lip gloss. Within a few minutes of applying, it turns from transparent to pink.The color becomes more vivid over time."

Here is the caution for using Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss from canmake website :
⋅ Because of characteristic of the product, if you apply liquid to clothes,it's difficult to come off stain. Please be careful that clothing do not have it. 
⋅ When you remove make up,please kindly remove carefully by using cleansing(Oil,Cream type etc.) 
⋅ Because of characteristic of the product, there is possibirity the liquid and container change to pink because of change of the high humidity environment,the water which attached to a tip. But quality does not have any problem.
⋅ There is individual difference in color development.
⋅Please kindly wiping a tip with tissues after use and close a cap well.And please use it sanitarily.

When I swatched on back of my hand the color is clear with little hint of pink, sometimes I don't see the hint of pink. The lip gloss texture is just like usual lip gloss, not really sticky but not watery, you know what I mean right?
canmake your lip only gloss swatch

The illustration of color change from Canmake website :
Apply one coat to your lips and then wait a little while.  On the way to turn into pink from transparence, once you felt it's just color you want, turn off an unnecessary gloss. The natural complexion lip which is not sticky is finished while leaving moisture to lips.

This one can last about 3 months and I was use this every day. Based on my experience this lip gloss give result of healthy lips. About the color changing, sometimes it show the perfect natural pink color which suits my complexion, but sometimes this doesn't show color. Just like description above, it depends on moisture level your lips have. When I feel my lips is in dry condition and then I applied this, this product won't show any color but still moisturising enough. When I feel my lips is already moist enough and then I applied this product the natural pink color will show. I don't show the lip swatch because the result is almost different every time I use this. 

Overall, this product is have unique concept no wonder why many people want to try this. When my lips is in good condition the pink color is really pretty but  bad if my lips in dry condition it won't show color at all and that's the reason why I'm unsure to repurchase this.


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  1. aku suka product-product nya canmake apa lagi mascara eyebrow nya.. yang belum kesampean beli nya tuh blush cream nya.. warna-warna nya lucu-lucu

  2. Heee.. ko lucu amat ya ini bendaa haha. Terus itu saingannya Clinique, Dior dkk pulak di pollingnya!

    1. waktu gue beli di posisi no 2 padahal. lebih penasaran sama ip tint syrupu-nya

  3. lho, aku pikir ini warnanya pink, ternyata cuma aplikatornya aja ya, tau gitu waktu itu beli juga #supernyesel mungkin ini kalau dipakai setelah lipstick canmake ku bakalan menyenangkan kali ya .___.


    1. mungkin yg shade baru no.3 kali ya lebih ngepink, cairannya ngepink gitu yg no, 3 . Ini juga ngepink gitu sih kalau kepanasan, tapi kalau disimpan di yang adem balik lagi.
      Aku belum coba lipstick canmake, ga suka packaging yg warna gold gitu ._

    2. saranku gak usah beli lipsticknya, teksturnya aneh dan gak bisa mulus di bibir .___. aku pakai lipsticknya tuh antara love and hate relationship gitu deh


    3. ahahaa aku juga ga begitu suka sih lipstick dari brand korea atau jepang karena warnanya kebanyakan yg udah aku coba pada kurang keluar di bibir aku apalagi yg pink gitu, padahal udah pilih yg hot pink juga. Mau beli mineral botanica aja XD

    4. pilihan yang tepat, go local go! XD


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