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Sponsorship; Product Review.
  • I'm only accept product(s) related to this blog. 
  • It's better if you read my beauty profile on side bar and here before give me product(s) to try.
  • Even it's sponsored it doesn't mean I will write only positive things. I will write everything based on my experience and won't fake anything.  
  • I need time to test some products and the result can't be seen in an instant, especially skin care. If you're looking for a blogger who can write a review without testing the product first for certain period of time, then I'm not you (or your company) looking for.
  • Sponsored posts will be marked by (*) and I put disclosure in the post.

  • This blog accepts advertorials posts and banners, excluding sensitive, pornographic, political and cultural advertisements and or notices.

If you are interested you can contact me and I will reply with T&C.


Please Note : 
  • I'm not accepting all request.
  • I'm accepting payment via paypal too.